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The main pre-session documents for the meeting will be dispatched to AMCEN national focal points in advance of the meeting. The documents will also be available on the AMCEN website: Delegates are kindly reminded to bring the pre-session documents with them to the meeting, as the documents will be available in Cairo in limited quantities only as we are striving to reduce the carbon footprint of the meeting.

Greening the sixth special session

Paper Smart meeting: AMCEN is the main regional environmental decision making body in Africa and will therefore lead by example in all its activities/interventions, by reducing its carbon footprint. Ideally, the sixth special session of AMCEN will endeavour to service delegates with the varied methods of accessing documentation including all unrestricted, official documents and statements, while making efficient use of its resources by avoiding waste. The information and documentation will be made available in digital platforms and formats. In addition to the distribution of information and background documents on the AMCEN website, in-session documents and statements will be shared by email. Limited on-demand hard copy of official documents will be made available only upon request in meeting rooms.